Life After Rehab

Goals After Drug Rehab

By Michael Leach – September 15, 2023

Completing drug rehab is just the beginning of the recovery journey. Afterward, it is essential to set goals and work towards them. Doing so can make a difference in having a successful recovery. Below are some common goals. Decide which ones are important to you and work towards achieving them.

Connecting with family

Connecting with Family

During active substance use it is common for relationships to get strained. The things we do during active addiction do not define us for the rest of our lives. After drug rehab, work out a plan to reconnect with you family and rebuild any broken relationships. This can be done through family counseling and active communication.

School Books

Going Back to School

After drug rehab, many individuals seek an education to pursue a career. Finding a school or professional program in your area to further your education is an excellent goal and helps keeps you busy during your recovery.

People at work

Finding a Job

Finding gainful employment may be one of the most helpful things one can do after completing a drug rehab program. Responsibility and structure can reinforce what you learned in treatment and making money allows you to achieve other goals.
Start looking at job listings in your area to help you start a more productive life. It’s important to have realistic expectation when searching for work. When first getting back to work after drug rehab it is suggested to find a steady job while looking for a career opportunity.

Being Social

After drug rehab, hanging out with friends and enjoying oneself may be the most challenging thing to get used to. Most individuals used substances while hanging out with friends and “having fun.” Going out with friends may trigger some, but it is also very therapeutic to start enjoying yourself without drugs and alcohol.
When you start to become social after drug rehab, finding a friend who supports your recovery to go out with you is suggested. They can help you remain substance-free and help you avoid making bad choices.

While there are plenty of other goal you can focus on, the above four are some of the most popular. Make sure you choose a goal that is realistic to accomplish and understand that sometimes goals need to be done in a specific order to have the best chance at success.

For example, if your goal is to have a successful career, but you do not have enough experience or education. Then it might be best to set smaller goals in to lead up to that bigger one to set you up for success. Set a goal to find a steady job and go back to school. Once you accomplish these then yo will have a better chance at a career because of a steady work history and education.

Remember your recovery journey is unique and never compare yourself to other people. Always compare your self to where you were and where you are now!

Michael Leach - Author

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant with close to 10 years of experience in the field of substance use and addiction recovery